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Putzmeister – precision in
every pump, every time, everywhere

There is an important difference between results and consequences. Results are the expected outcome from successful completion of a job. Consequences are the unexpected outcomes when the job is not successfully completed.

Historically, evidence tells us that the connection between successful completion (results) and unsuccessful completion (consequences) is failure to be precise.

When consequences of failure will be substantial, precision is not optional. When all risk must be mitigated, precision cannot be overlooked.

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Precision through research

That’s why, when there are so many variables on the line and so many collateral costs of malfunction, those who value reliability, value Putzmeister’s unparalleled precision.

Every Putzmeister pump is custom designed to meet the exacting standards of each individual site and project.

We take precision seriously. Very seriously

Our pumps are built to work under the harshest conditions in some of the most desolate regions on earth.

From consultancy through to commissioning, every detail is checked and rechecked, every component minutely analysed, every finished unit tested beyond its specification. Nothing is left to chance.

Precision doesn’t just happen. Putzmeister’s culture of perfection has been nurtured from day one and is built into every unit shipped to each unique project site.

Precision is the product of an organisational culture that excepts nothing but perfection. When we install and commission a Putzmeister pump, it is engineered to perform to your exacting specifications and beyond.

Putzmeister Precision - the art of zero tolerance for error, every time

Each unit is designed to suit the explicit conditions of your site and demands. Tried and tested parts combined with custom made Putzmeister components to meet and exceed benchmarks are hand assembled by technicians and engineers who strive for flawlessness and the highest of performance standards.

Every application is unique. Every project has its individual challenges. If it is up to you to overcome those challenges and your standards require a zero tolerance for error, then a custom designed, precisely built, handmade pump from Putzmeister is your best solution.

Putzmeister is leading world standards in precision engineering. Globally, they are they chosen pumps for when the consequences of failure are not only costly – they can be catastrophic. Their pumps have proven themselves in the most inhospitable conditions in the world because they never leave the factory until they have been proven beyond specification.

Don’t settle for anything else other than absolute precision for absolute confidence.

Precision in After Sales Service and Support




I have known Peter Beasley and the team at Beasley’s for approximately seven years. The association has been through Barrick Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea where I hold a senior management position.

Beasley’s were involved in the initial commissioning of the Putzmeister paste pump at the new paste plant in 2011.

Since then they have provided regular maintenance services on a quarterly basis with the very occasional intermediate phone support required.

Their high level of professional support and technical competency has significantly contributed to the exceptionally high availability and utilisation status achieved with the Putzmeister pump.


Attention to detail and thorough and ongoing commitment are characteristic of their approach to business. This coupled with the high quality of the Putzmeister product has enabled us to achieve valuable increases in production.

I would not hesitate to recommend both the Putzmeister pump and the services of Beasley’s for similar applications.


Shane McGillan
Fixed Plant Superintendent
| Barrick Niugini Ltd




Saving the earth,
one pump at a time


Today, the need for substitute fuels has risen drastically because of the impact that conventional forms of fuel have had on the environment.

Alternative forms of fuel are substances which have a high calorific value like mechanically dewatered sewage sludge, tar, paint sludge or slaughterhouse waste.


Putzmeister provides eco-friendly solutions to waste management and on shore drilling that follow a sustainable and efficient process. We provide modern pumping systems and technology that cater to the oil and gas sector, ash disposal process, sludge incineration systems, cement industry and coal sludging process.

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Taking stepping stones towards a greener planet


Saving the environment is the need of the hour and ‘going green’ has become not only fashionable but also imperative to the future of the earth.


Putzmeister is doing its bit to contribute to the environment by offering reliable systems to help in surface water sludge removal, processing biomass energy and eliminating hazardous waste in human-friendly operations.


Putzmeister is equipped with the tools and technical knowledge to tackle any situation at hand and take a step towards a greener planet.


Peter Beasley,
Business Development Manager

Australia | New Zealand | Papua New Guinea

Australia: (07) 4153 1258 | International: +61 7 4153 1258

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