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Fuel and Oil Filtration Systems and Products


Beasley's Hydraulic Services stockists of Harvard products. It would seem logical for new oil to be as clean as it gets, right? Surprisingly, most new oil purchased today is not fully filtered and may have some contaminants. Thankfully, our fuel and oil filtration systems can make it cleaner.

Advanced Oil Filtration Systems

Our trusted, state-of-the-art fuel and oil filter systems (also referred to as oil purification systems) have the ability to remove particles below the film thickness (that is, less than three to five microns) under pressure. This exceeds the filtration capabilities of most oil filter manufacturers. At this level, it’s not even referred to as “oil filtering,” but oil polishing.

Filtration Products to Solve Any Problem

Ranging from standard filter elements and housings to fully customized systems, Harvard® has the expertise and capabilities to meet your filter needs.  Our products remove water and contaminants and increase the efficiency and service life of your oil and its components.

Having a proper oil purification system in your equipment will extend the life of your machine and its overall efficiency, saving you time and money. Explore our filtration systems below for more information on our product offerings and how they can meet your needs.

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