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Mill Hydraulics

The system provides hydraulic pressure to the crushing roll hydraulic mill caps. This pressure is controlled through the control panel which has independent control to each of the ten mill caps. Volumetric changes due to varying thicknesses of the cane mat are absorbed into the hydraulic accumulators connected to each of the mill caps.

Hydraulic fluid is supplied from a 600 litre (150 gal) powerpack through a pressure compensated piston pump to the control panel. The powerpack is fitted with a return filter to ensure that the hydraulic fluid is maintained in a clean condition.


The free atmospheric air entering the reservoir due to volume changes in the accumulator requirements is dried through a desiccant breather to ensure that the hydraulic fluid is not contaminated with moisture. The reservoir is fitted with visual fluid level gauges as well as a low-level safety cut-out switch to prevent damage to the pump in case of low oil levels in the reservoir.

The control panel is fitted with a main system pressure gauge to permit checking of the full system pressure and control valves to connect fluid from the reservoir to the panel and also to drain fluid from the panel back to the reservoir. Each accumulator has a pressure gauge and shut off flow control valve to allow the operating pressure within that particular accumulator to be adjusted and monitored.

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